Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cookie fail

I'm making cookies to donate to a bake sale to help fund a nonprofit animal shelter/rabies clinic that is being held locally. So I looked at my recipe and decided to double it, doubling equates to 10 dozen cookies. The cookies were a hit with my friends and children last time I made them, despite the nose turning of child number 3 when he read, "Peanut Butter Granola Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies." Last night, while frazzled, I opened 8 sticks of butter and put them in a bowl to soften.Did I mention I work in the education field? Somehow the concept of two sticks = 1 cup escaped me. I would like to believe that I was thinking 1 box of butter = 1 cup, therefore a double box = 2 cups, but c'mon even I know better than that. At least in a well rested, non-stressed out state.

So I mix up my "double" batch of everything (except for the butter) and think to myself, what is wrong with this...this doesn't look right. It doesn't taste right either. I start thinking about it and say aloud, "Oh fuck me." I even baked a dozen like that....they kind of melted all over my cookie sheet and were more like semi-baked raw cookie dough than anything moderately resembling a cookie. Off to the store, I pick up more peanut butter, more brown sugar and more granola and then wander around looking for a gigantic bowl. My 8 quart bowl was already full. No such luck.I returned home and pulled out my 16-quart stock pot. Yes, I had to make my 'quadruple' batch in the stock pot and it was 3/4 full with cookie dough when I was done. My arms ache from stirring up that much dough. So far today I've baked 1/4 of the dough and it's time for a break.

Is this butter/cookie fiasco a fail? Depends on how you look at it - a)I'm baking until the damn sun sets and rises again, which totally sucks or b)I am making 20 dozen cookies and 15 dozen (instead of the original intention of 5 dozen) cookies will go to the nonprofit organization's bake sale. You decide.

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