Friday, July 16, 2010


It's mid-July and summer is in full force along with boredom. As someone fairly new to the education industry, this is a tad unsettling. It's SUMMER. This ought to translate to blue skies, bright sunshine and fun. Emphasis on fun.

Don't get me wrong, I have played in the pool many times. I have been nibbled on by fish in a lake. I have eaten food barbecued by family. I have sewn an apron, three sleeveless tops, a dress and have two other projects I am thoroughly disgusted by. I have read 40+ books, 10 of which were over a course of 4 days. I am working a couple hours of week at a job that my boss wouldn't let me quit (construction industry). I witnessed my grandmother dying in June. I have watched too many horrible movies. I am watching job postings for the fall like a hawk and constantly look for work in other fields. In August I am taking five children to NC for a week.

I am bored. I devour books at an alarming rate which is not cost effective for my wallet and the local library has very little that I am interested in reading. Free - yes, selection - poor. I am bored with sewing. Combine the amount of sewing I did in June with the the two incomplete projects (one looks horrible and the other is being torn apart for the THIRD time) leaves me with no desire to pick up another swath of fabric and create something.

I surf the net but find little that actually entertains me. I could play World of Warcraft but that has bored me since May. I keep paying for it but don't even log on.

Here I am, bored. Open to suggestions.

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