Saturday, July 17, 2010

Watching bad movies so you don't have to - The Fourth Kind

It's a common joke amongst my friends. "If Musns chose the movie to watch, it's going to blow."

I am beginning to think my track record may be changing or I have spent enough time with good friends that (gasp!) my movie choices are rubbing off on them. I'm sure they would claim it's my fault and the bad movie thing is contagious.

Last night we watched The Fourth Kind with Milla Jovovitch. Conversation that started about a third of the way through the movie:

"This is a bit slow."
"A bit???"
"Okay, ALOT."
"It's like watch Milla Jovovitch painting a wall."
"And she's NOT even naked!"

The movie was slow, tedious and not very entertaining. I barely remember seeing previews, but then again I don't have 'real' television (Netflix and Hulu are my friends). I was expecting to see a science fiction thriller type of movie. It was more like a science fiction drama that dragged on forever with very little action. I could go into more detail but really that's all you need to know - tedious at best.

Coming from yours truly, watching bad movies so you don't have to.

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